Ball Perfect Mason Jar Lamp Mason Jar Lamp mirrored Mason Jar hanging lamp Swirl Quilt and Ball Mason Jar LampMy friend Don found this Ball Perfect Mason Jar at an Antique Mall, and it was full of wooden spools of thread. Some of the spools contain silk thread, and the others contain cotton. The spools themselves are interesting, as some retain the original 10-cent price tags! I cannot remember thread selling for 10-cents!

So I took the jar, which already had a hole in the lid, and wired it for a light bulb. Then I found a vintage style bulb, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The bulb gives off an amber glow and is not too bright to hang without any type of shade.

Interestingly, the lid is one piece molded metal – lead, aluminum or some blend by the looks of it. The jar would hold about a half-gallon. I will have to get more information to determine the age.

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Granny and me with the Sunbonnet Sue quilt she made me.

This is my grandmother with me and the Sunbonnet Sue quilt she made from scraps I provided. It includes scraps from a lot of dresses, skirts and blouses I made in high school. We didn’t call it recycling back then, but it was.

I am so proud to have this photo which I did not even remember being taken.