This little guy recently found a home on a desk. Custom made as a gift, this crochet friend is also available as a crochet pattern for you to make yourself. The first one I made is anchored with a bag of rice in the flower pot. This one is anchored with a small amount of cement in the pot. The cement is much more effective.


Irish Rose has a Facebook Page!

Sweet Baby Armadillo is going to Germany!

It looks like my little critters are trying to take over the world, one country at a time!

Make the head. Chain 12 and SS to form a circle. Leave a long enough tail to sew the neck to the body. SC in each stitch for 12 rows. This makes the neck. You are now going to form the back of the head and then the head and nose.

Chain one and turn work. SC 6. Chain 1 and turn. SC 5. Chain 1 and turn. Continue until you have 1 stitch left. CH 1 and turn. SC down side of this section and around neck. SC back up to the top stitch. SC around skipping the top and bottom stitch each round. When you have reduced the head to the tip of the nose, tie yarn off.

Chain 6. SC in each chain stitch. Cut yarn leaving a tail. Thread the tail onto a needle and push the needle through the 6 SC. Pull the yarn through forcing the ear to curve inward like a llama’s ears do. Repeat for the second ear. Use the tails of the ears to sew them to the head and hold them in the correct position. The ears should curve towards each other.

Chain six to begin the body. SS to close chain. Work increases of two
SC in every even-numbered SC and then continue around increasing in
every other SC until you have 20 stitches.

SC 20 stitches per round until you have 12 rows of 20 stitches. Begin
decreases by skipping every other SC. Just before you close the piece,
stuff with poly stuffing. Close the body.

Stuff the head and neck and sew them onto the body with the tail you left at the beginning of the neck chain.

Begin the legs of the llama by chaining 6 and joining with a slip stitch to form a circle. Leave a tail at the beginning of the chain so that you can tighten the chain with a yarn needle before stuffing.

SC around the chain. SC around until you have 12 rows. Tie yarn off. Make 4 legs. Thread the yarn needle through the tail of each leg and stitch through each of the chain stitches. Tighten the yarn and tie it off. Stuff the legs using a straw or a chopstick to push stuffing into the lower area. Stuff them firmly so that they will support the llama.

Stitch each of the 4 legs onto the bottom of the body. Two legs should be stitched to the front of the body and two at the back. Separate each pair of legs by a few stitches.

Cut yarn in 2-1/2 to 3 inch lengths. Fold each piece of yarn in half. Loop the yarn pieces through each stitch on the back and sides of the body. Pull the ends through the loop using a crochet hook.

Comb out the yarn lengths to resemble the llama’s long wooly fur.

Add embroidery floss to form eyelashes in the same technique as the fur. Stitch beads in place for eyes or use safety eyes. I added a lead rope for fun.

This pattern is copyrighted by Sharon Gunn McMahon. It may be used by individuals for personal crochet items. The pattern may not be reproduced, sold or otherwise replicated without express written consent of Sharon Gunn McMahon. Items made from this pattern may not be sold.



A new giraffe, llama, elephant and hippo have been added. All are crocheted from acrylic yarn and stuffed with acrylic fiber. They are not safe for young children who still put objects in their mouths. They are great for older children or adults who like to collect hand made items. They are all about 6 to 7 inches tall except for Hippo, who is 6 inches long.

Crocheted Animal Collection

Patterns will be added shortly.