About the Artist

Early draft

Non-needlework creations are dear to my heart. I started as an artist before I knew textiles were even art, so I love all media.

Part of this summer was spent creating cover art for a new e-magazine.

There were several drafts, with the one below being chosen to publish. I had great fun working on this project and hope to find more projects like this to work on in the future.

This pastel painting was published in the fall issue of The Colored Lens, an e-magazine of speculative and fantasy fiction. The Colored Lens is available at Amazon in Kindle format.

The final framed piece

Check out this publication – you can download it to your Kindle or e-reader for the amazing fee of 99 cents! I have read the collected stories and can tell you that it is some of the best writing I have seen in a long time. I devoured each story and couldn’t wait to read the next. They are thought provoking and interesting. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves to read.

The final draft is framed and will be a birthday gift to one of the editors.

Hi!  Welcome to my website.  My name is Sharon.  I have been into needle arts for a long time.  (I just don’t want to admit how long!)

The first thing I ever sewed was a scarf for my second grade teacher.  I still remember my mom guiding my hands as we sewed a straight stitch border around the square (60s) amber scarf.  Then I spent a good bit of time learning about fabric weaving as I frayed the edges by picking out one long thread at a time, making a border up to our stitching.

I remained interested in sewing, but unfortunately when Santa-Mom sewed, she did it when we were asleep, thus limiting watching time.  I started sewing on my own when I was about 9.  I would hand sew doll clothes while my mom made clothes for my sister and I.  I would ask questions, she would answer, and sometimes she would let me use the MACHINE!

I dreamed of getting a sewing machine for Christmas.  Apparently Santa thought I was too young, because I did not get a sewing machine until the next year.  My grandparents gave me a toy machine that really sewed.  I had waited SO LONG…  I loved it – except that the bobbin kept jamming and was very small and held little thread.  The upside however, was that as my mom saw how much I sewed and how I was able to manage the frustrations of the toy machine, she allowed me to use the REAL machine more and more.

When I was 12 I made myself a school dress.  I would do babysitting and use the money to buy fabric.  Sewing became a way of life.  Everyone always asked me if I made this or that.  I was very self conscious about my sewing, and always thought that it “looked” homemade, and that was why they asked.  Later I found out that people couldn’t tell whether I made it or not, they just knew that I “sewed”.

I was too advanced for 8th grade sewing in homemaking class, so my teacher taught me to knit and crochet after I quickly finished my projects.  When I got in trouble in 8th grade math, it was because I was crocheting under my desk instead of paying attention to the teacher ;-).

Well, time passes, and now as I raise my 3rd, 4th, and 5th children, I find myself still intrigued with different aspects of the needlearts.