Hi!  Welcome to my website.  My name is Sharon.  I have been into needle arts for a long time.  (I just don’t want to admit how long!)

The first thing I ever sewed was a scarf for my second grade teacher.  I still remember my mom guiding my hands as we sewed a straight stitch border around the square (60s) amber scarf.  Then I spent a good bit of time learning about fabric weaving as I frayed the edges by picking out one long thread at a time, making a border up to our stitching.

I remained interested in sewing, but unfortunately when Santa-Mom sewed, she did it when we were asleep, thus limiting watching time.  I started sewing on my own when I was about 9.  I would hand sew doll clothes while my mom made clothes for my sister and I.  I would ask questions, she would answer, and sometimes she would let me use the MACHINE!

I dreamed of getting a sewing machine for Christmas.  Apparently Santa thought I was too young, because I did not get a sewing machine until the next year.  My grandparents gave me a toy machine that really sewed.  I had waited SO LONG…  I loved it – except that the bobbin kept jamming and was very small and held little thread.  The upside however, was that as my mom saw how much I sewed and how I was able to manage the frustrations of the toy machine, she allowed me to use the REAL machine more and more.

When I was 12 I made myself a school dress.  I would do babysitting and use the money to buy fabric.  Sewing became a way of life.  Everyone always asked me if I made this or that.  I was very self conscious about my sewing, and always thought that it “looked” homemade, and that was why they asked.  Later I found out that people couldn’t tell whether I made it or not, they just knew that I “sewed”.

I was too advanced for 8th grade sewing in homemaking class, so my teacher taught me to knit and crochet after I quickly finished my projects.  When I got in trouble in 8th grade math, it was because I was crocheting under my desk instead of paying attention to the teacher ;-).

Well, time passes, and now as I raise my 3rd, 4th, and 5th children, I find myself still intrigued with different aspects of the needlearts.