I wanted to make a star to put on a blue background, so I have been working on the stitches for a while. I have finally figured out an easy pattern. This pattern will make a star of any number of points you choose, you just have to follow a simple formula.

Cast on the number of stitches that is double the number of points you want your star to have. If you want a 4-point star, cast on 8. If you want a 5-point star, cast on 10, and so on. Leave a long tail for your cast-on. When star is finished, place tail on a yarn needle and stitch through the cast on stitches. Pull yarn tight to close hole in center. Tie yarn tail off and weave ends in.

Use double pointed needles. You will need two sets if you are making 5 or 6 or more points on your star.

Separate your cast-on stitches onto two or three needles and form a circle by knitting into the first cast-on stitch you made. Make sure your cast-on stitches are not twisted before you begin.

Round 1: Knit around the cast-on stitches. Place a marker at the beginning stitch.

Round 2: Yarn over and knit 2; repeat until you are back to the beginning.

Round 3: Knit around all stitches.

Round 4: Yarn over and knit 3; repeat until you are back to the beginning.

Round 5: Knit around all stitches.

Place 4 stitches on each double pointed needle.

The work should look like the base of your star. If you are making a 4-pointed star, you should have 4 needles and 4 sides. A 6-pointed star will have 6 needles and 6 sides. Continue knitting in the round yarning over before the first stitch of each even numbered row. Your star base will continue to grow and to lie flat. As you knit your rows, make sure each needle has the same number of stitches in each round. If you are making a large star, such as an afghan, you may need to eventually switch to circular needles.

When the base of the star is close to the size you want, knit until you have an odd number of stitches on each needle. Knit across the first needle.

Turn work and purl half the stitches, minus 1, on the needle; knit the odd stitch, then purl to end of row.

*Turn work and knit the knits, purl the purl.

Turn work and purl the purl stitches. Knit the knit stitch, then slip last purl stitch over the knit stitch. Purl to end.

Turn work. Knit the knit stitches, purl the purl stitch.

Turn work. Purl the purl stitches, knit the knit stitch, purl 1 and slip over the knit stitch. Purl to end.

Continue to decrease one stitch in each wrong side row. Continue to decrease one from each side of the knit stitch on alternating rows.

When you have 3 stitches left on needle, slip stitch both right and left purl stitches over knit stitch. Tie yarn off. Cut yarn and weave end in.*

Second star point:

Attach yarn to first stitch on next double pointed needle and knit across. Turn work and purl across to center stitch. Knit center stitch. Purl across. Proceed as for first star point from * to *.

Weave in the end of the attached yarn.

Continue as for second star point for each of the following star points. Finish center of star using yarn needle as above.

The key to making the points symmetrical is to decrease from alternating sides of the center stitch.