These are two antique quilts I salvaged from my grandparents’ home. One is the Rose of Sharon quilt.








This pattern is colored muslin appliqued on a muslin background. The muslin squares are stitched together, I believe by hand, but it is hard to tell. The stitches are tiny. The quilting thread is a coarse cotton and the quilting is about 10 stitches per inch. I believe this quilt dates from the 1920s or 1930s, but am not positive. The fabric is worn through from the applique to the front in many places. I have a quilt that my grandmother made and I am certain that she did not make this quilt. My best guess is that her mother or a sister made it, but I suspect her mother made it.

The second quilt is a wedding ring quilt.








I believe this second quilt is newer than the first. The same coarse muslin is used, but the piecing is of a finer weave fabric. The piecing fabrics tend to be mostly two-color prints. I am not sure if this affects the dating of the quilt or not. This quilt, I believe, and I am just guessing, but I think this one may have been made for my grandparents wedding.

If anyone has any information about how to date quilts or anything of that kind, please let me know.