To make a bead charm using peyote stitch, start with a bead tube. To make the dragonfly pictured, we used a 12 bead tube. To start, slip 6 beads on a thread and tie a secure knot holding them somewhat snugly. Where the loose thread end is will mark your rounds. Apply 6 beads at a time to the rounds using peyote stitch until the body is the length you want. Our dragonfly is about 2 inches long. Guide the thread up to the location where you want to put the first eye. Dragonflies eyes are on the outside corners. Thread a larger bead on, and then a small one. Thread back through the large bead. Direct the needle to the other side of the head and stitch the second eye.

You can either tie off and restart your thread or just direct the needle to the location of the first wing. Attach 3 beads in peyote stitch position on one side of the body.The body is made in multicolored beads to mimic the irridescence of dragonfllies.Stitch a 6-stitch wing until you have 14 rows. Decrease to 3 stitches and tie off. Repeat the wing tying on to the opposite side of the body. You can add legs and feet if desired. You can also add a second pair of wings, as some dragonfies have 2 wings and others have 4.