It can be a frightening proposition to give a  quilt top you have spent hours and weeks working on to  someone you haven’t even met. Hopefully these tips will help you know better what to expect and will help you feel more comfortable with the process.

Your longarm quilter wants to make your quilt look awesome! you both have the same goal: a finished quilt that you can both be proud of! A beautifully finished quilt pleases you and highly recommends the quilter to others. To help the process be a success, please observe the following recommendations.


Prepared quilt should be accompanied by a squared back. Quilt and backing should be ironed (no steam, no starch) and smoothed, then gently folded before submission to the longarm quilter. Seams that are stitched in a twisted position (one end goes left and the other end goes right) should be clipped prior to ironing.

Backing fabric should be at least 4” larger on each side than quilt top. This fabric allows the back to be properly stretched during quilting and eliminates wrinkles in the back. If the back is not 4″ larger than the top, the quilter may have to add fabric at the owner’s expense. Alternatively you may get wrinkles stitched in. Please remove backing selvages by tearing or trimming. This extra fabric is usually trimmed off and returned to you with the quilt. The long strips make good binding materials.

Batting should also be larger than quilt top. Please purchase batting by the yard and keep it rolled rather than folded. Or allow me to provide batting by the yard for you. If you provide packaged batting and insist I use it, you may get undesirable batting wrinkles under the quilt top.

If I have to make adjustments for you, the cost of quilting could increase as much as 10%. If quilt is well-prepared and quilting is accomplished more quickly, actual charges may be less than estimate.

Because longarm quilting is a free-hand process, there may be slight differences or imperfections in the quilt upon completion. These are expected and are what makes each quilt uniquely yours.