About Irish Rose

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As a fine art major in college, I have always enjoyed putting an artistic flare into my work.  Who knew they called it Textile Art?  Well, not me!  I have pursued painting – freelance and commissioned works.  I have worked as a free lance seamstress, a nursery school teacher (drawing and designing teaching materials) and as a sign language interpreter.  Later I learned computer drafting and did that for a while.  It seems no matter what I do, it always turns me back to something artistic or in textiles!!

Irish Rose Creations kind of formed itself as I have become more busy making special requests.  I have a number of people requesting socks, quilts, scarves and specialty items such as stockings and quilts.

I also make art quilts – quilts which depict a picture/scene.  Mine are usually landscapes.  (pictures forthcoming).

I have been offering longarm quilting services locally in Fort Worth for some time now. I accept quilts via USPS, UPS and FedEX and I return ship via UPS with insurance.