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Irish Rose Creations has the following Creations for sale:

Baby Giraffe

Hand crocheted figures are approximately six inches tall. They are stuffed with polyester fill land have hand-sewn embellishments. The giraffe and hippo are not appropriate for children under three. These small crocheted figures are available from $10.00 plus shipping.












Any product seen on this website can be custom made for you with your design ideas and tailored to your particular needs. If you want to have something designed for a friend, all we need is a little information about that friend’s interests. Favorite colors are also helpful.





White Elephant

You can custom order your own Creation!  I just need a little information about what you want and details about the recipient for specialty items such as the story quilts or Christmas stockings.

To request a custom Creation, simply fill out the form on our Contact Page with details about your idea, and I will get back to you as quickly as possible!

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Cherry Quartz is believed to enhance the concentration and the will center of the wearer. Cherry quartz is good for the heart and for fighting off colds and flu. Fire Cherry Quartz is also a beneficial crystal.

This 18″ Cherry Quartz necklace features cube-shaped small Cherry Quartz beads, oval shaped Fire Cherry Quartz beads and a large Cherry Quartz pendant. The necklace closes with a silver-plated toggle clasp. The necklace is threaded with polyester reinforced wire twist for strength. $30.00 plus shipping. Contact Irish Rose for payment information. The 7″ bracelet contains the same cube-shape cherry quarts beads and the fire cherry quartz beads. The bracelet closes with a silver plated toggle clasp. The bracelet is $15.oo

Semi-precious stone necklace