I made this art quilt last year as a going-away gift for someone special. He had lived in the Dallas area for 5 years and was being transferred to Alabama. As I thought about what to give him to remember Dallas, I looked through my photographs of the Dallas area. This gave me the idea to use these photos to create blocks that would form a lap-quilt to send with him. Though he left in May, the quilt wasn’t completed until February the following year. Quilts take time, whether you make them by hand or on the sewing machine. This was machine pieced and machine quilted but still took a bit of time. Sometimes it took  time to simply visualize the block and how the photo would be converted to fabric. Other times it just took time to motivate myself to sit down with each challenge and complete it.

We had gone to the State Fair and rode the Ferris Wheel. We had spent time in Fort Worth’s botanical gardens. We had also spent time at White Rock Lake and I had photos of all these places. I also decided to add in the Texas and Alabama flags and some Alabama items that were significant, such as Magnolia flowers.  The Reunion tower was nearby and we were both Rangers fans.

The following photo is a picture of the entire quilt. Since he is tall, I made it crib sized so that he could use it when napping on the couch in chilly weather.

Subsequent blogs will contain how-tos for the individual blocks.


dons quilt