For the art quilt, I will begin with the block on the top left. This is an appliqued Texas flag block.

This block is three simple rectangles. The white rectangle is placed horizontally on top, red on the bottom. A seam is made to connect the two. Press the seam to the dark (red) side and then align the blue rectangle with the left edge of the red and white rectangles. Stitch the seam and press toward the blue side.

Cut out your star. Use Elmer’s glue stick or a good quality glue stick to adhere the star to the central location of the blue rectangle. Glue down the center and all rays to the blue fabric. Wait a bit for the glue to dry, otherwise the star will still be able to scoot around on the blue fabric. You don’t want the star to be able to move at all.

Adjust your stitch setting to the buttonhole stitch that moves the needle forward across your fabric and align the needle with the top right edge of the upward-pointing star ray. From here, stitch around the star always stopping the needle on the outside edge of the stitch to make a turn. Turn at the tip of each point of the star until the star has been stitched around completely.

When the flag block is completed, cut sashing strips to frame the block. Stitch these strips on the four sides of the flag, with two sides extending beyond the flag block and forming a butt end across the other two sashing strips. This means that if you sew the top and bottom sashing on, then you will cut the end sashing strips long enough to stitch across the flag, the top and the bottom sashing strips thus making a full block. You could place a square at one end of each strip but that would be more work. If this doesn’t make sense let me know and I’ll try to explain it better, okay?